About Calvin

Calvin, also sometimes known as "that guy who follows a lot," fell in love with Lindy Hop for its joyful expression, creative improvisation, and deep connection between partners. Since then, he has been actively involved in the community as an instructor, competitor, event organizer, and frequent up-past-3-am dancer. A lifelong student, Calvin always strives to make his classes fun and help students fall in love with learning and practice as part of the fun of being a dancer. In his teaching he also greatly values portraying dance roles as gender neutral, teaching to a wide variety of learning styles, and making good dancers who are also good community members.


In his home scene of San Francisco, Calvin helps organize The Switch Workshop, the Dancers Den, and the Bootleggers Ball. He also travels to various events and competes as a follower. At dances, he can frequently be seen drinking boba and trying to remember the names of the people he met that night.

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Upcoming Classes

December 2019

Tuesdays: Level 2 and 3 Series at The Breakaway

Thursdays: Special Topics Series at The 9:20 Special

Dec 6: Intermediate and Beginner at Dancers' Den

Dec 7: Workshop at Stanford University

January 2020

Thursdays: Level 1 and 3 Series at The 9:20 Special

Jan 11: Intermediate and Beginner at Dancers' Den

February 2020

Feb 28 - Mar 1: Newcomers Special Track at Swingin' at the Savoy

March 2020

Tuesdays: Level 1 and 3 Series at The Breakaway

Thursdays: Level 2 Series at The 9:20 Special

April 2020

Apr 17-19: Workshop classes at Salt City Stomp


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